There are few places on earth that are more beautiful, varied, or better for raising a family than the amazing Napa Valley.  Working with real estate agents in Napa, like Connie and Jamie, you could find a truly stunning home in Napa which would be perfect for yourself and your kids.

However, some houses for sale in Napa are more child-friendly than others.  The older homes may not have the emphasis on safety you want.  You’ll want to talk to real estate experts in Napa to ensure the home you buy will be right for your kids.

Here are our recommendations for features to look for.

Five Child-Friendly Features You Want in Your New Napa Home

  1. Cordless window coverings

Many people don’t realize this, but the cord on window coverings like drapes are among the top choking and strangling hazards for young children.  Look for homes in Napa that have cord-less window dressings.  Fortunately, these are also not expensive to install if needed.

  1. Well-anchored bottom-heavy furniture

If you are buying a Napa home which comes furnished, check the furniture carefully to see how easily they can tip over.  Older pieces, like vintage dressers and wardrobes, often tend to be top-heavy and thus could easily fall onto a child.  If needed, talk to your real estate agents in Napa about installing safety anchors.

  1. Electrical systems

Some Napa homes can date into the first half of the twentieth century when electrical standards were much looser than they are today.  Be certain the wiring is up-to-spec, and that all the power outlets have child-safe coverings which will prevent electrocution.  If the home has been renovated recently to update outlets or remove wires, all the better.

  1. Non-toxic paint

Older paints are potentially toxic, and dangerous to kids with their tendency to lick objects.  Look for homes redone with zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints to be safe.

  1. Smart home upgrades

Finally, while not a must-have, smart home features can make raising your children in Napa much easier.  Smart alarms, doors, and security cameras keep them safe while making it simpler for them to move around the house and grounds.

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