Decorating for fall is different from other seasons. Nestled between beached-themed summer decor and the bright lights and colors of the Christmas season, fall holidays like Thanksgiving offer opportunities to use rich, creative colors and natural elements indoors and out. As real estate agents in Napa, CA, we get to enjoy seeing how Yountville and Napa Valley homeowners bring the warm colors of all into their homes with beautiful and simple decorating projects.

Here are some of our budget-friendly favorites guaranteed to add autumnal flair throughout your home.

Fall Decorating Ideas Our Real Estate Agents in Napa, CA Recommend

Walkways, entries, and mantles are the most popular locations for displaying autumn-themed decorations. You can use pumpkins, fall foliage, gourds, and pinecones in countless configurations to build one-of-a-kind creations your family and neighbors will love.

  • Cute miniature pumpkins are great for centerpieces, but for something a little different, turn them into a fall wreath to hang on the front door or lean against the back of the fireplace. The cream-colored variants provide a more modern look, but you can never go wrong with the traditional orange versions!
  • Create a pinecone garland that incorporates fresh greenery, magnolias, and other fall blooms. The larger the pinecones, the faster the project will go. Remember to remove the flowers and greens before storing the garland during the off-season.
  • Larger pumpkins and gourds placed on front entry steps and porches add loads of curb appeal. Scatter some colorful fall leaves around them for an instant warm welcome. Or try upping the game with “mumkins.” Simply hollow out several of the pumpkins and fill them with fall plantings like golden chrysanthemums and pansies!
  • Use golden and green apples to create a stunning dining room centerpiece. For a totally edible ending to an autumn dinner, use mixed nuts, hard cheeses, and chocolates to compliment the fruit.

Not all your decorations need to be nature-based. Autumn-themed tea towels, felt pumpkin garlands, and vibrant fall floral doormats are all great choices to carry you through the entire season. And one of the easiest ways to add charm and coziness to your Napa home is to pair fall-colored and embroidered pillows and warm blankets in the living room and den as well as on the front porch or back deck.

Turn Your Home Into a Seasonal Retreat

Are you getting ready to put your Napa Valley home on the market? Or are you hoping to relocate to the Yountville area? These festive and inviting ideas add instant curb appeal that always says, “welcome home.” To learn more fall decorating ideas or to discuss homes for sale in Yountville, CA, contact Connie and Jamie today!