Have you put off updating your home because you don’t know where to begin? Are you getting ready to put your St. Helena home up for sale and want to make it more desirable to buyers? From design concepts to time and money-saving decorating tips, interior designers often alleviate much of the stress associated with home improvements.

Whether you’re looking to stand out from all the other homes for sale in St, Helena, CA, or are hoping to make your home more current and inviting to family and friends, our Napa realtors can help.

Ask A Napa Realtor: What Does an Interior Designer Do?

Sometimes it’s better to ask, what doesn’t an interior designer do? From developing whole-home design plans to picking out drawer pulls, interior designers use their creative skills and industry knowledge to help you make smart layout and purchasing decisions. And they’re adept at turning your diverse ideas and desires into a cohesive space that beautifully blends function with style and efficiency.

If you’re prepping your home for sale, an interior designer can work within your budget to help increase its value. Along with your Napa realtor, they’ll guide you on what aspects of a design can impact property value more than others and which materials and finishes are likely to appeal to a variety of buyers.

Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

New homeowners and sellers enjoy many benefits when they work with an interior designer.

  1. Avoid costly mistakes. Choosing color schemes, furniture, and decorative details can be challenging. An interior designer ensures you get the best value for your investment.
  2. Identify your design style. Pulling together a good home interior takes much more than creating a Pinterest board. Many homeowners find themselves overwhelmed when they realize they’ve pinned more design ideas than they could ever put into action! An interior designer knows the right questions to ask to define your true style and narrow your choices.
  3. Make the process fun. Your interior designer oversees the sometimes complex daily tasks of ordering items, tracking the budget, and directing vendors. You can relax and enjoy the more pleasant work of choosing colors, materials, and fixtures.

How Much Do Interior Designers Cost?

As with most things related to home improvement, how much you’ll pay an interior designer depends on various factors. Some designers charge hourly rates, while others propose a flat fee. Other fees you might pay include design and management fees.

Whichever payment approach your designer uses, the bottom line is the investment is nearly always worth it. That’s because established interior designers spend years creating reliable networks of professionals they collaborate with. Their trustworthy relationships with electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and other vendors often result in more favorable rates than those you’d find from other contractors. That’s a huge advantage for homeowners new to the area who haven’t had time to vet local tradespeople.

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