There’s a lot to love about the winter season in Napa. Along with festive events and holiday gatherings, there’s also just enough of a nip in the air to make cultivating a warm and cozy indoor environment worthwhile.

Our Yountville real estate agents know how satisfying it can be to walk into a home that feels like a haven of comfort and enjoyment when colder weather sets in. Why not make the most of the additional time you spend indoors from November to February by creating a home interior that’s snug as a bug?

Winter Decor Ideas From Your Favorite Napa Realtor

With temperatures dropping and winter right around the corner, here are our top choices for maintaining a cozy feel in your home.

  1. Highlight the fireplace. Redecorating a hearth to make it a room’s focal point is one of the quickest and most beautiful ways to create a spot for relaxing and sipping hot cider or cocoa.
  2. Add splashes of color. Winter whites are always on-trend when it comes to decorating. This year, create a warm feeling with stained wood pieces and throws and pillows in saturated colors.
  3. Simple centerpieces. All it takes is some greenery, small pine cones, and a couple of sprigs of winter-blooming flowers to create a winter tablescape fit for a still life painting.
  4. Spruce up the foyer. Set the stage for welcoming family and friends by creating a wintry first impression with real or faux fir branches spread along an entry table or bench. Add a natural wreath on the wall and a stone vase of white gardenias or anemones, both of which bloom in the cooler months, to the table.
  5. At-home meditation. Not all home decor is meant for other people to enjoy. Mindfulness is everywhere, so treat yourself by carving out some space for a bit of calm. You can create a meditative ambiance by choosing fabrics, artwork, and other touchstones that matter to you.

Don’t forget the outdoors!

Natural, warm, and sustainable are designer suggestions for updating exterior window, door, and yard decor.

  • Use luminaries to light walkways and add a touch of uniqueness by connecting them with thick garlands and woodland elements.
  • During the holidays, string popcorn and cranberry garlands along window boxes or railings.
  • Make a front-door wreath out of fallen twigs and pinecones or tree trimmings.

And when the season’s over, you can recycle the decor right back into nature!

Turn Your Yountville Home Into a Winter Wonderland

If you’re looking to put your Napa Valley home on the market this winter, our Yountville real estate agents can help you select winter decor ideas that present your home in its best possible light. To hear more winter decorating ideas or to discuss the current Yountville real estate market, contact Connie and Jamie today!