As summer’s vibrant greens give way to autumn’s warmer tones, the promise of cozy evenings inspires many homeowners to explore the latest fall home decorating trends. As our agents check out Napa homes for sale, they’re discovering this year’s hottest fall looks and sharing them with you so you, too, can refresh your Napa home to reflect the season’s glory.

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Napa Homes for Sale: What Autumn Decorating Trends Will You See?

This fall is all about golden colors, lush textures, and natural elements defining home décor. While we would never discourage anyone from forgoing their favorite pumpkins and fall foliage garlands, we do encourage you to experiment with this year’s softer, upscale decorating choices.

This Fall’s Trending Color

Interior designers and on-trend homeowners are embracing the delectable color honey. A gorgeous hue that’s softer and more moody than last year’s bolder colors, the honey palette ranges from pale gold to golden amber. Adding honey-toned accessories throughout the house is a great way to mimic the golden-yellow leaves of autumn trees. And because it works with so many other colors, you should have no trouble blending it into your existing color scheme.

A Touch of Luxury

Velvet has been trending for a while now, and it looks like it will continue throughout the year. Used in home décor for centuries, this luxurious fabric offers a sophisticated yet warm appeal when used on everything from headboards to sectionals. Or try adding some velvet-covered pillows or velvety throws as accent pieces.

Sustainable Textiles

Speaking of pillows and throws, fall always seems to be the perfect time to refresh them, along with area rugs. They just always seem to make a room feel comfier! This year, try swapping out seasonal-specific colors like burgundy, forest green, and mustard with a collection of neutrals made from sustainable materials. By keeping sustainability a priority, you can invest in quality items that will likely find a location in your home year-round.

Geometric Patterns

Though many people think of florals when they hear “patterned,” geometric prints featuring triangles, circles, and other bold geometric shapes give your home an entirely different look. Look for innovative ways to incorporate this trend into your home. For instance, experiment with patterned lampshades, area rugs with interesting designs that anchor a room to a focal point, or wall art featuring geometric shapes. Cube shelving is another exciting way to incorporate this trend into living rooms, home offices, and dens.

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