Even the most pint-sized bathroom can be made to look bigger with the right details and finishes. When you choose to work with our real estate agents in Napa, CA, you benefit from our years of experience and expertise in helping homeowners breathe new life into existing spaces. Whether you’re looking at homes for sale in Napa, CA, or just want to update an existing bath in your home, these tips add style and function while visually enlarging the room.

How to Make a Bathroom Look More Spacious

Have you been looking at homes for sale in Napa, CA, and been disappointed with how small many of the bathrooms appear to be? These clever design tricks can make any bathroom look and feel much bigger than it actually is.

  • Let the sun in. Natural light makes any room appear brighter and opens up the space appreciably. For bathrooms with one or two small windows, consider enlarging them or installing a skylight to bring more sunshine into the room.
  • Choose a calming palette. You can go all-white, which reflects light better than any other color, or choose a uniform, nature-inspired color scheme to open up the room and create the impression of a larger yet calmer space.
  • Install tiles all the way to the ceiling. With no horizontal dividing lines on the walls, the ceiling will appear to be higher than it actually is.
  • Change fixtures and finishes. Open showers and shelving, floating vanities, pedestal sinks, and larger mirrors are visually striking choices that don’t require reconfiguring the room’s layout. And installing pocket doors can instantly add about ten square feet of space!

One of the biggest bathroom space-saving tricks we’ve seen in homes for sale in Napa, CA, is streamlining storage. Homeowners are installing storage solutions flush with the walls and keeping shelving units as narrow as possible, which also helps cut down on the clutter that can make a room appear smaller. Another popular storage idea is recessed shelves built in between wall studs.

Where to Find the Best Real Estate Agents in Napa, CA

These design tricks prove you can make a small bathroom look bigger without spending a fortune on remodeling or renovation. If you’re looking for homes for sale in Napa, CA, or if you want more ideas on preparing your property for listing, talk to one of the experienced real estate agents at Connie & Jamie about all your options. Why not contact us online today to learn more?