Wish List vs Budget

We all have detailed wish lists for what we want in our homes. Whether that’s a high-end kitchen, backyard oasis, or open floor plan, a wish list can be a great way to organize your desires. Aligning that wish list with a budget is another story. Any property for sale in Napa can require a […]

Hiring an Interior Designer

If you’ve thought about giving your home an upgrade, then you’ve probably thought about hiring an interior designer. Interior designers can be very valuable and should be considered when it comes to higher-value homes. Napa Valley homes for sale with on point design can really go fast. Learn a bit about what an interior designer […]

5 DIY Weekend Bathroom Projects

If you’re the DIY type of guy (or gal) are itching for a new project, take a look at your bathroom. Remodeling projects – especially kitchen and bath – are getting pricier and pricier each year. 5% spending increase every year in fact. When dealing with Napa CA real estate, you want your bathroom to […]

Take These Steps to Wildfire Protection

With the current state of wildfires in California, it’s important to take steps towards wildfire protection. In Napa, we are fortunate to be in the Valley while the fires are out in the mountains. However, one must always be cautious. Your real estate agents in Napa care and want to make sure you protect your […]

The Cost of Kitchen Remodels

One of the most common and significant remodels is the kitchen. The kitchen is where people come together to eat, entertain, and converse. Houses for sale in Napa with gorgeous kitchens go fast. As a seller, it’s important to understand the costs of remodeling so you make a sound investment. As a buyer, you may […]

7 Reasons a Real Estate Agent is a Must

In a highly desired location like Napa, with a market more competitive than ever, a real estate agent can be your best friend. Property for sale in Napa is flying off the shelves and this can create some uncertainty for buyers. The demand is high and the housing availability is low. Check out what real […]

The Biggest Bang For Your Buck Home Improvements

Are you putting up houses for sale in Napa? What’s the condition of the home? If your answer is anything but great, consider some home improvement projects that will get you the biggest bang for your buck. When it comes to renovations, some are more worth it than others. Check out these valuable projects and […]

The Best Day to List Your Home

For home sellers, timing is everything. Even in a seller’s market, it’s crucial to follow the golden rules of listing a home. Napa Valley homes for sale must be listed even more strategically as the region is so competitive. Check out these stats to guide you through the Napa CA real estate world. Thursday isn’t […]

Downsizing or Upsizing? Consider This.

It’s a known fact that buying a new home is no walk in the park. Buying new shoes? Easy. Try them on and as they say if the shoe fits… buy it! But figuring out the right size for your home gets pretty complicated. It’s important to keep in mind a few things when looking […]

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